The first choice for foreign investors to run their business in Chile

With more than 25 years of history and more than 100 employees, Puente Sur is dedicated to providing tax, accounting, payroll and administrative solutions and support to foreign investors in Chile.

More than a tax consulting and accounting firm, we are a real strategic partner, with a primary objective: to provide our clients with the peace of mind they need, so that they can focus on their business while we take care of the rest.

The essence of Puente Sur lies in being a proactive partner, which allows our clients to efficiently comply with local accounting, tax and labor market regulations, and, for example, reach the point when they are able to sail through the nuances of maintaining expats in Chile, or operate seamlessly with the Chilean banking system.

The English language is part of our corporate culture, enabling us to understand the needs of our clients and thus guide them in a reliable way, both from a commercial and regulatory perspective.

Following international reporting standards, we develop in-house IT solutions to ensure more efficient and transparent processes, providing our clients with prompt and detailed information.

If you are thinking about setting up business in Chile, we invite you to consider adding our experience to your working capital.

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